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NH Debates and the status quo

From:"Michael Busick"
Subject:RE: NH Debate and the status quo
Date:Mon, 7 Jan 2008 14:21:23 -0800

...but I'd heard that FOX News viewership was down since 2004. Is that not true? How many people are left watching FOX News that care which Democrats set themselves up for FOX News interviews? :) Has Romney been on the Daily Show recently? That may help him down the road. :)

Date:Mon, 7 Jan 2008 14:01:53 -0800 (PST)
From:"Young H. Kim"
Subject:Re: NH Debate and the status quo

Aww, BRM, you beat me to the punch(line) on the Kucinich connection and you. Iwould have to agree that any candidate should be willing to present his/her case onFox "News", even if it meant trashing the people and the organization thatbroadcasts it.Caught Kucinich and Ron Paul on Bill Moyer's Journal on PBS last Friday. I respectboth of them for fighting the good fight. And I agree with DK on media reform anduniversal health care. Paul had great points on campaign reform and Internetneutrality. Fox managed to keep Paul off of their debate, so there seems to beplenty of excluding going on, whether by the candidates or the networks. Perhapsthe Dems should speak on behalf of Paul, then Fox will stop inviting them.And I'd rather not get into how many votes Dubya "lost" or actually got. :-)

Subject: Re: NH Debate and the status quo
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 16:27:31 -0500

Okay, here's the big joke of the day. I, your humble token Republican member of this dialogue, reside in noen other than the congressional district of....(drum roll please, Young)...DENNIS KUCINICH!!! BTW, I think Dennis - much to his credit...and there isn't a lot of credit I offer to him - is the only Democratic candidate who has been willing to accept invitations from Fox News to appear on its shows. If whomever the ultimate nominee is doesn't change that practice soon, they better be willing to kiss goodbye more votes than George W. Bush lost by skipping the NAACP conventions.

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Subject: NH Debate and the status quo

Hi all,Enjoying the conversation...Perhaps all the debates, our machinations included, underscore the reality that only a white southern male can really win this thing. No presidential nominee can win an election without taking the south. Does anyone believe that Hillary or Obama can win the south?A woman, a black, a mormon, come on... American isn't that progressive? Also, I'm afraid the dirt has not yet begun to fly. Fox had a third of the nation convinced that Obama was really a muslim. Our so-called "liberal media" is firmly in the hands of big money interests that can frame the debate in ways that are beneficial to the status quo. Did anyone notice that Kucinich was absent from the New Hampshire debate? Dennis argued that, it was his opposition to medical insurance, and his support for a single payer health care system that ultimately led him to being shut out of the NH debate, rather than the arbitrary criteria that the ABC network came up with.Of course, well spoken as he may be, Dennis comes off as a bit of a nut; Nevertheless, the Democratic debate in New Hampshire was noticeably bland without him. At least, the Republicans had Ron Paul to deal with.If I were going to place money on NH, I would bet on Clinton at this point. Any takers?Also, I believe that Huckabee can win this thing, completely. I don't subscribe to the belief that his appeal is only to Evangelical Christians. Lastly, any successful presidential nominee will have to focus on the economy this time around. The economy, not the wars and terrorism, will prove to be the biggest story and concern of voters in 2008. Check out the markets and dollar, cause we're in for a helluva ride. B.

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