Monday, January 14, 2008


Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 14:17:14 -0800 (PST)
From: "Young H. Kim" <>
Subject: McCain

Already conveyed my thoughts on McCain but to elaborate...
Having been burned by the Dubya camp during the 2000 campaign, McCain definitely learned the lesson that he needs to court the GOP base. Hence, his statements on further supporting the Iraq War (this still troubles me about him), Bush tax cuts and immigration. Read today that McCain is at the same time winning votes from Dem and independent voters. Reps had better get in tune to the fact that McCain is somehow managing to have broad appeal while being a proponent of current Bush policies. An illusionist's sleight of hand, I don't understand how he's garnering such support with his message. But this also makes him look like an opportunist.

That may be, but the man survived the Hanoi Hilton, enduring all sorts of inhumanity and still maintaining his humanity. If I were his campaign manager, I'd be hammering this point to his advantage, every friggin' day. Do I see him as a man who would rashly lead the nation to war? No. Who better than a veteran knows the pain and atrocities of war on soldiers and civilians? With deference to people who want "an agent of change", McCain has the experience and connections to reach out to the Dems to actually affect change. I believe Hillary has the upper hand on this point over Obama also. More on Hillary/Obama later...

As I mentioned, McCain could be an LBJ-type who can engineer, maneuver and lead thorny legislation through Congress. We as a nation need a leader who can unbreak the gridlock. McCain would be a man who puts the good of the nation first, channeling from his heart and experience. Of course, this is the absolutely best case for McCain that I could possibly conjure up. Maybe I should work for his campaign...

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