Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama-Biden Ticket

The VP gauntlet has been dropped from the Dem side, so what do you all think? I think it is a good and perhaps safe pick. McCain camp has already started to spin on the lack of foreign policy experience and going against the change agent message of Obama, but I think Biden is a good bulldog against Rep attacks. McCain camp is also courting seriously the disaffected Hillary voters, but those (some say up to 25% of her supporters who would now vote for McCain), I would argue, were not really core Dems, mostly independents and maybe some Reps who are Bush-haters.

Anyway, let's chime in, as the Dem convention is now rolling...


Young said...

One example of the spin I was referring to:
Obama's Cheney
Actually, I agree with most of what is said in this piece, minus the obvious anti-Dem, anti-Obama vitriol; "Obama's Cheney"? Ouch! Not sure who is being insulted the most: Cheney, Biden or Obama? ;-)

Always seems silly why conservatives go to great lengths to point out that a Dem like Biden is a Beltway insider, as if conservative Rep power brokers like him are not?

McCain has long chosen to go against his "maverick" label, meaning he and Biden can go head-to-head on who's the bigger/lesser insider. The difference maker is that the Reps will not be able to come up with a VP who has as much cachet as Obama.

Young said...

Michelle mentioned to me last night that Obama-Biden is only a few letters off from Osama Bin Laden. Coincidence? I think not. Is this just one of the many signs that destiny is unfolding before us? Will the right-wing attack dogs use this enticing negative campaign fodder for their own use? Is this the most ironic presidential campaign ever, on so many levels? Only time will tell, or is it better to hold your breath? ;-)

BA said...


Michelle is right. Coincidence, or divine test of our national character?