Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain-Palin Ticket

I'll give McCain one thing; I didn't see this pick coming AT ALL! I only heard of her last night on C-SPAN as they ran down a list of speakers at the RNC. I think he's really going out on a limb.

First thing I mentioned to Michelle when I heard the pick: They want to make Biden look like he's attacking women when they get in a debate.
Second: Does this really woo the unhappy Hillary supporters or women in general?
Third: The ol' "heartbeat away from the presidency" question. If the Reps think Obama is inexperienced, does Palin have the creds to backup a 72-year-old presidential nominee? Major stumbling block here, I think.
Fourth: I guess the evangelicals and conservatives like Palin's stance on issues, but anti-abortion isn't the way to get the women vote.

Forces some tactical adjustments for Obama-Biden in the short term (I bet they didn't see her coming, either), but in the long run VP picks end up being neutral. However, Biden backs up Obama much, much better than Palin does McCain. She seems hollow, token and purely a move in political campaign terms, not at all about how qualified she is to lead the second-in-command position. Too bad for Mitt Romney, but Hillary didn't get the VP nod, either.


Mister B said...

This pick is somewhat of a head-scratcher -- unless the rationale was to attract disgruntled and unforgiving Hillary Clinton voters.

Basically, Palin's lack of experience cancels out Obama's lack of experience (though he has more and in a larger state), so then I guess the decision for voters ends up as Biden or Palin?

In that case, Biden should win.

I'm just stunned, but then again, this campaign was different from Day One. :)

BA said...

Back from NYC!

Hey, is it Xmas? I mean, it just keeps getting better and better... McCain
decided on Sarah Palin, a former mayor of Wasilla, a runner-up beauty pageant
contestant - Wow! Talk about lack of experience. Yeah, I know that she is a
first time gov. of Alaska, and former head of the bustling metropolis of
Wasilla, pop. 5,000. where she was credited with leading the medium size town
headfirst into the 19th century. Nevertheless, she is already mired in
Then, there's the Republican convention. The convention might have to be
delayed because
Katrina-the-sequel, her Swedish brother, "Gustav" might make a
appearance (on the gulf coast), just in time for the Party. Plus, the
Republican convention will feature the area where the Minneapolis bridge
collapsed-due to infrastructure neglect? With these people, comedy, or
if you like, just writes itself.

New Republican Convention Theme Song:
(Cypress Hill: Insane In The Membrane)


BA said...
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Young said...

I know it's silly, but I bet someone else on the left will say it: Sarah Quaylin. However, that does not bode well for Dems because Quayle did become VP. Nice of Palin to acknowledge those that came before her, Hillary and Ferraro (24 years ago, man!).

I admit that the Reps know how to win the presidency (only two Dem presidents in the last 40 years), but let's face it; the Dems are always ahead of the progressive curve, and this time it will be the first non-white European-American president. It has to be!

Young said...

Guess I'll have to credit the McCain camp on another point: They're making me blog!

Here's what a National Review conservative thinks of the pick--a fairly objective rundown of Palin's pros/cons that I have to say I mostly agree with:
Cold Water on Palin

BA said...

Well, Cold Water on Palin makes a good point about Palin's inexperience. Obama, on the other hand, has other qualifications which trump his lack of time in politics and in Washington. The organization of his political campaign and his choice for VP are PRIME examples of his leadership qualities - - And leadership and organizational abilities are more important than experience in politics.

BA said...

Listening to Gore Vidal on Air America, yesterday was exciting as always. On asked about Obama and how far the Neo-con machine would go to prevent his successful presidency? Gore Vidal, shocked and said, "Assassination" - These people will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo. Republicans are good at wining elections for a reason; They never underestimate the ignorance of the American public and they will win at all costs. They have the backing of the riches and most powerful people and organizations in the country. They will not allow a populist left-leaning candidate to have a successful presidency. Get ready for a rocky election, and a rockier time, if Obama is elected President.

BA said...
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BA said...
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Young said...

From: Brian Menard
Subject: McCain-Palin Ticket
Date: Saturday, August 30, 2008, 12:14 PM


Nice analysis. My old boss at UVA, Professor Larry Sabato, said of the pick, "This makes the race a lot more interesting when it didn't seem like the race could get any more interesting." I think the keys to divining the full impact (+/-) of the selection will be time and the battle to define her (unpainted canvas that she is on the national circuit). If she woos people with her personality and personal package (speaking as the father of two girls without attention to policy positions, lots of role model stuff for the post-Hillary generation), that may trump the experience factor (especially as folks consider her inexperience a heartbeat away versus Obama's inexperience right off the bat at the top of the ticket). If not, she will be a much tougher sell. Also, the McCain folks had a teenie-weenie bit more time to prepare the first wave of defining efforts, consideration of the Obama-Biden response, and second-wave retorts to the Obama-Biden retaliatory shots. If they win the battle to define Palin, she'll seem appealing. If not (and shame on them if they don't - repeating the lessons of 1992 instead of following the lessons of 1988), then she'll be an albatross. Overall, I think - like Biden - she is a choice with a +/- balance sheet that has the potential to add more than she hurts. As I said, though, time will tell.


Young said...

From: Brian Menard
Subject: Re: New comment on McCain-Palin Ticket.
Date: Saturday, August 30, 2008, 12:25 PM

Gore Vidal should be ashamed of himself. I understand he has a need for attention and headlines, but that's just highly offensive crap, and he should be ashamed of himself. Of course, that would require that he believe in shame. I'd really like him to be specific and name individuals among "these people" who he truly believes would seek to assassinate Obama if he becomes president. Are there nuts out there would might consider it? Absolutely...on both left and right extremes, and without any notion of politics at all. But unless he is willing to go on record with specific individuals or groups that he fears would attempt such a horrendous act, he is being nothing short of an irresponsible sensationalist fostering the demise of any hope that we can coexist and fueling the notion that we ultimately have not choice but to wipe each other out. Again I say, shame on him!


Young said...

I called it here. I'm sure others have used it already but courtesy of the New Republic...

Sarah Quaylin