Monday, August 11, 2008

Fwd: Continuing on Edwards et al.

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Date: Aug 11 2008, 1:06 pm
Subject: Continuing on Edwards et al.
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Glad we agree, and that's with bipartisan culpability. (My beef with
Larry Craig is not the orientation of his activity, but the hypocrisy
factor. As for Gingrich, I respect the heck out of his great brain,
diagnostic ability, and strategizing, but he'll never be President
because he can't - or at least couldn't - keep his pants on. To his
credit though, he admitted things and resigned where others have not.)

As for Europe, I would argue that in fact, there IS a big difference
in moral expectations between the USA and Europe, not only with public
figures, but perhaps BECAUSE there is so much more toleration of such
things in many European cultures generally. Religion does figure in,
but not in the sense of right wing control of U.S. politics; I believe
it's more a matter of religion NOT playing so much an active part in
European culture.

As for damning politicians for sleeping around, I think John Edwards
said it best himself when he finally started to admit to a teeny-
weenie little part of what I suspect he will ultimately have to admit
to despite continuing to deny it (as he lied with a straight face just
a few months ago about the fact that any infidelity at all took
place). In his ABC interview, he said essentially that there is a
hubris that comes from a sense of invincibility and all-powerfulness
that seduces one into thinking that he can do anything that he wants
without culpability. THAT is very dangerous in public office,
especially the most powerful office in the world.


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