Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Re: Is Obama Another Jimmy Carter?

Just curious: Does anyone else think that the T. Boone Pickens push of the last couple weeks will be a brilliant and strategic free advertisement for Obama when Pickens ultimately endorses Obama during the general campaign? I agree with the need for developing renewable energy resources beyond (not in place of) expanding current energy efforts, but I won't be surprised when Pickens outs himself in the Obama camp.


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Yeah, what should Obama's group work on first: bringing the worst of this current administration to "justice" (we all know at worst it will be vacations in white-collar prisons) or trying to fix an economy stalled in 20th-century thinking (forget pre-9/11 thinking nonsense) while the rest of the developed world catches us and passes us?

The America of the good old days would seize on a chance to show the world how we can lead on wind and solar power innovations, but this administration (and McCain because he doesn't seem to know any better) whines and stomps its feet when it can't just dig bigger holes in the ground and sea whenever it wants to -- like it used to.

I don't mind more research into safer nuclear power (does that mean this administration wants to finally stop picking on France), but it's beyond time to look for more places to drill for oil and dig for coal and oil shale. Wind, water, and solar power will be around a lot longer than anything else and (IMHO) it doesn't look as bad when we try to build things to take advantage of wind, water, and solar power.


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