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Re: Is Obama Another Jimmy Carter?

Though I'm buried with reading and writing for a class, I can't sit out any longer on all the "media are for McCain" comments. Are we really in such different worlds that you guys think the media are shilling for McCain when Obama just did his superstar world tour with the three major network anchors and their accompanying entourages in tow? In my world, all their attention gave him a nice poll bump, though he somehow seems to have managed to lose much of it again in just a couple days despite all the fawning media efforts to help him any way they can. The decision to cancel the hospital trip in Germany because he couldn't bring the cameras with him to exploit the wounded soldiers in a "Look how ready I am to be Commander in Chief" ad was a mistake that hurts him a little now, but I expect it will hurt him more as we get closer to election day. Meanwhile, McCain, despite not running a good campaign at all and despite the media alternating between ignoring him (such as when he went on his own international trip a few weeks ago) and hitting him, somehow remains competitive in the race.

Brian M.
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Watching the Sunday morning talk shows was a little more than just disconcerting. Obama appeared on the defensive and brought back memories of Jimmy Carter during the Iran hostage crisis. Obama was unable to steer the conversation, or questions away from neo-con talking points. As a result, Obama like Jimmy Carter, was being manipulated by the media, not manipulating and controlling the medium. For example, he was defending his trip to Europe; defending his decision not to drill offshore; and defending his position against the surge in Iraq - - even to the extent of refusing to admit in hindsight that his position against the surge may have been incorrect. On the other hand, McCAIN appeared strong and on the offense. McCain was not asked any questions about his votes against veterans, or the fact that he voted (with Bush) for the war to begin with. In fact, the corporate-media has spent an inordinate amount of time confronting Obama with right-wing talking points. What's interesting is Obama's sheepish response to them. One wonders if Obama realizes that he and most American are being manipulated by master right-wing propagandist. McCains political ads are clear, sharp and visible. In fact, ads have already appeared to characterize Obama as anti-veteran, and anti-troops. Where are the Obama attack ads? Where is the Democratic response? Obama has a better record on veterans issues than does McCain. McCain voted against the new G.I. bill, for example.

The corporate media is pro-McCAIN. Is Mr. nice guy: Obama going, to define the issues, or let right-wing talking heads define Obama and his political agenda?

Worse, left-wing radio continued the attack against Obama. "Where are the attack ads?" One wonders why Obama has chosen to campaign against McCain in much the same way that he campaigned against Hillary. It's a different show now. Does Obama assume that Americans "get it" and see through the negative advertising, right-wing talking points and spin? He's in a fight for his political life here, and I don't believe he fully comprehends the gravity of his situation. We've got roughly 100 days to get the message out - - and it is not happening.

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Young said...

"Are we really in such different worlds that you guys think the media are shilling for McCain..."

BRM, let's go easy on the "you guys think" this or that. I, for one, don't necessarily fault the media for being partisan but rather for covering non-issues and sensationalism. Seeing that we are arguing how the media reporting is slanted for one or the other candidate somewhat indicates that although each particular outlet may have a bias, the media as a whole is giving us a somewhat balanced picture, whether intentionally or not. It is obviously up to us to discern the information that's out there and discuss them here.