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Re: Is Obama Another Jimmy Carter?

That could be what really happened, though my understanding tweaks a little differently: the Pentagon told him HE was most welcome to come but the media entourage had to stay out, at which point the campaign chose not to put him one-on-one with the soldiers in the hospital. Two versions of the same story? How could it be in our blessed media age?

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Actually, I'm tired of reading how the media is in favor of either of them over the other.

There's no convention in sight and we still have three months to go so it seems like the media is grasping for any story they can find. This Europe trip. That biopsy. This magazine cover. That trip to Pennsylvania.

As I understand Obama's aborted trip to Germany, the Pentagon asked him not to do it. Wherever he goes, he's going to have cameras whether he wants them or not (Wailing Wall for example) so I don't see how he really has to ask for them.

Enough already -- until the conventions.

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Though I'm buried with reading and writing for a class, I can't sit out any longer on all the "media are for McCain" comments. Are we really in such different worlds that you guys think the media are shilling for McCain when Obama just did his superstar world tour with the three major network anchors and their accompanying entourages in tow? In my world, all their attention gave him a nice poll bump, though he somehow seems to have managed to lose much of it again in just a couple days despite all the fawning media efforts to help him any way they can. The decision to cancel the hospital trip in Germany because he couldn't bring the cameras with him to exploit the wounded soldiers in a "Look how ready I am to be Commander in Chief" ad was a mistake that hurts him a little now, but I expect it will hurt him more as we get closer to election day. Meanwhile, McCain, despite not running a good campaign at all and despite the media alternating between ignoring him (such as when he went on his own international trip a few weeks ago) and hitting him, somehow remains competitive in the race.

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