Monday, July 28, 2008

Is Obama Really That Bad?

Brian M. Your comments on Obama make me believe that you are truly disenfranchised with Obama. While sympathetic, I wonder if the problem is with Obama, or with the rest of us (democrat/republican) when we consider Obama's rhetoric. Certainly, Obama is a bit of a litmus test for us all. We tend to see in him what we want to see - - At least until the charisma wears thin. I still believe that Obama is a new kind of politician, though a politician, nevertheless. Obama has remained more or less consistent to his rhetoric? As of late, he has disappointed the left-wing base of his party for some of his political compromises. Why then do Republicans also believe that Obama is misleading them?

Brian, writes "...What you see is what you get, let's all work together to solve the problems of our nation and our world. After months of checking him out with interest through the fall and winter of '06, my criticism since January '07 - when he finally started filling in some details to this "let's all pull together" rhetoric - is that there's nothing new here; he's really pushing the same left-wing agenda that has been pushed for a long, long time. He just does it much more smoothly, charismatically, and effectively than so many of his predecessors in the political limelight. The real message is, "To all you folks who support Republican policies and oppose my liberal agenda, we would all be better off, could have political harmony, and could solve important problems if you would just get out of our way let us do what we're trying to do." That's not post-partisan, that's hyperpartisan delivered with a friendly smile..."

Okay, fair enough, however, Obama's campaign has not been revolutionary in its honesty, purity, forthrightness, and positive tone?

Brian M., What in particular has led you to the following conclusion? "All the things that were supposed to set him apart from his Democratic (and Republican) competition. If he were the Real Deal, someone truly interested in bringing everyone together (instead of just bringing his opposition over to his side through whatever deceptive and insincere empty rhetorical means he and his campaign can muster), he would have much to offer despite having a relatively light record of accomplishment during his brief time on the national stage. Instead, he has shown himself to be just another politician willing to say and do whatever is necessary to get elected."

In other words, what makes Obama deceptive and insincere? Also, is it possible for any politician to win national office without some lack of full-disclosure as to their actual rather than perceived planned political agenda? For instance, how many Republicans are actually aware of Rev. Moons connections and influence with Republican political elites? Nevertheless, everyone knows about Obama's former pastor.


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