Monday, September 22, 2008

Tax the #$%@ Out of the Rich!

Here's more complete BS as perpetrated by the so-called investment bankers and executives:
Last Year's Big Five Wall Street Bonuses

So many people are worried about "How are we going to pay for this bailout of investment banks, etc?" I'll tell you how. Fleece the crap out of those rich people who got big fat salaries and bonuses. Obama says increase taxes for people making $250K or more. Fine. I'd say anyone making a million or more gross should pay 50% income tax or more, especially if you worked in any of these firms that are getting bailed out. Sounds simple to me. Socialism? So what? Class warfare? Why not? It's time we put an end to this 30-plus years of deregulation bullshit and start re-distributing the wealth to people who can manage it properly--the responsible middle class. No more of this rich-get-richer; it must end now! Pay for the freakin' mess you created, Wall Street and DC! There should be a financial martial law enforced by the IRS, FBI and the Federal Reserve!


BA said...

It's the economy stupid? McCain still leads Obama in Ohio. While markets crash and the costs of war and financial bailouts continue... I wonder, why more people don't do more? Why, more people don't, care more? The American electorate reminds me of the domesticated turkey. A once independent, free and proud bird. The breed has since been bred to be docile, fat and stupid. Like that turkey, when Thanksgiving day nears, the bird just continues to eat, not good natural food, mind you, but highly processed derivatives of genetically modified corn-meal. The birds, care not about their quality of life, they know nothing better. Like the domesticated turkey, the American people are happy in their ignorance. The species, is completely unaware that the end is near. The bird is clueless, as it gazes up to the heavens and becomes mesmerized by the falling rain.


Young said...

"The bird is clueless, as it gazes up to the heavens and becomes mesmerized by the falling rain."

And it opens its beak, unaware of slowly drowning in the rain...going the way of the dodo. I pray that that does not come to fruition.

Young said...

Get a load of this McCain adviser giving a "truth-enhanced" version of the Wall Street mess, misleadingly linking to it the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle as the Democrats' fault. Blaming the Dems for the Lehman/AIG/$700B bailout is campaign fodder, but hey, I never said the Republican conservatives are stupid in how they spin and run a campaign. Obama has an uphill battle all the way to November 4th: How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis: Kevin Hassett

Unfortunately, as far as Mae/Mac is concerned, there is some truth to what Hassett accuses, as the Fool explains (thanks to connections to the Clinton administration and Barney Frank). The people mentioned in the Fool article are the types of people who need to pay for the current mess:
The People Responsible for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
How Did Freddie and Fannie Fall?

And here's a free-market, conservative-leaning opinion that I (think I) can agree with--Bailouts are BAD!
Will the Government Destroy American Capitalism