Friday, September 19, 2008

It's the healthcare, Sicko!

Watched "Sicko" for the first time last night. Michael Moore does it again. He knows how to pull the audience's strings, and I'm not sure about the dramatic license he took on the sequence where he megaphones toward Gitmo and the siren blares, but the whole healthcare in Cuba part was awesome.

I repeat his best question in the piece when he captures patients who are literally dumped on homeless shelters by other hospitals, "Who are we?" Why is it that this superpower nation of ours cannot afford the healthcare needs of its citizens (and aliens, guests, visitors)? It is beyond me. Universal healthcare, NOW! Do something! Support H.R. 676 (single-payer system)! Is this still being debated, or has it died already? The level of greed in the insurance, medical and pharmaceutical industries should be made a crime.

You gotta see "Sicko" if you haven't, regardless of your opinion of Moore. Sometimes, I just feel like quitting my job and get out there to fight for some real change and to make a difference. But I'm just a mortgage-paying, debt-ridden coward, like millions of us.

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