Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama can't win big states?

It seems to me that Obama still has trouble winning the big-delegate states. This presents a serious problem for him later on, should he win the nomination. This article on the Pennsylvania poll results is interesting. Obama certainly is not getting the older white women vote.


Brian Menard said...

The Dems clearly have a problem in the continuation of their nominatin process, not only without a clear leader, but even more importantly with the likelihood of a brokered convention with the two sides getting less and less friendly as thing move along. Sure, it keeps the Dems in the news, but I'll trade that for McCain's ability to change directions and fundraise like a madman for a few months while focusing all his jabs at both Democrats vying for the right to challenge him.

Young Kim said...

Here's a short interesting WSJ assessment of Hillary's supposed big-state dominance and its responses:

Testing Clinton's Big-State Theory

Brian Menard said...

Interesting piece, and interesting assortment of views in comments.