Friday, March 7, 2008


Interesting op-ed from an assoc. editor of Newsweek. "Infrahumanization"...I'll have to remember that...Bashing on Hillary or the Clintons or their supporters is certainly not new.

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Brian Menard said...

Young: Great link. Thanks for posting. I would say there is an abundance of "infrahumanization" going on all over the place - left, right, and cross-ways. Be careful where you step, you're likely to plant your foot in a pile of it! And while it may be politically expedient for campaign managers and myopically-satisfying for kool-aid drinkers among the more knee-jerk folks, in the long run it is destructive to our ability to work together to get done what must be done, to find points of agreement where they exist, to hammer out compromise where we are able, and to have respectful and civil debate no matter what the case. However expedient it may be to deny it, the fact is that we ARE all humans who feel passionately about our views. Congrats to all of us for caring enough to be involved (because one area where I think we can agree is that our system - designed for broad participation - cannot run properly without us doing just that) and contributing to the body politic through this exchange and everything else we do on the civic front.