Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dems and Race

While I'm sure there are plenty of Republicans thrilled to see the intra-party self-destruction happening among the Democrats over race, and while I certainly see all sorts of opportunities for the Republicans to exploit this idiocy for partisan advantage, I'm so upset that it's happening and want to shake both the Clinton and Obama folks for the repulsive spillover this will have in society and our politics overall. What thoughts do you guys have on the factor of RACE in the Democrats' nomination race, and where do you think this will ultimately go?


Young Kim said...

One quick comment...I would hope that this skirmish will eventually toughen and wise up each campaign organization so that they will be better prepared for the GOP attacks. I believe the mood of the electorate is primarily for a change after 8 years of Dubya, and McCain, who is choosing to follow the same path, will not succeed in convincing people that he represents change. Dems must hammer home the message that McCain represents "four more years" of Dubya.

Young Kim said...

Let's have one of the protagonists say it in his own words. Obama is one helluvan orator, I must say. He gave a calm, humble interview on Nightline last night. He is a leader without a doubt, whether he becomes president or not.

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