Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Same Ol' Dems: A View from the Left

Here's a decidedly opposite take on what Obama and the Dems might do, compared to what BRM wrote previously. I mostly agree with the author; however, given that the right and the left view Obama/Dems with suspicion, doesn't that kinda show that Obama will rule from the center? All the hubbub prior to him even being inaugurated certainly speaks to the excitement and opportunity that everyone feels and to what an intense microscope will be on the Obama administration. From
The Democrats of 2002 and 2007 haven't gone anywhere

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Young said...

A more pragmatic liberal view on what to do with Lieberman. Nichols makes some good points, but reaching a 60-vote majority is a bit of a stretch. On the other hand, purging him as payback or punishment for the 2008 campaign seems dumb, but purging him for his anti-Dem positions sounds valid, whether that is now or later. From The Nation:
Keep Lieberman in the Caucus (For Now)