Monday, August 24, 2009

Whither Healthcare Reform?

The Obama honeymoon's been over for a while, so we should pick up the debate of the moment. Will healthcare reform die on the vine once again like the many previous efforts to insure all Americans? Will the health insurance companies escape unscathed and actually benefit via the proposed reforms being considered in the Congress now? Big-money lobbying efforts will win out again? Will this country ever take its collective head out and figure out what the hell is going on?!! From gun-toting protesters to shoutings at town halls made to look like grassroots uprisings, you didn't really think this was going to be easy, did you, Obama?

Daiy Kos - L.A. Times: Insurers winning health reform battle
The LA Times article referenced above


Young said...

BA sent me this via Facebook.
Bill Maher rant on American stupidity

Yes, we've heard all those stats before, but you gotta laugh at quotes from the right like "'Keep your government hands off of my Medicare!' That's like driving across country to protest against highways."

Young said...

Somewhat evenhanded take on the Nazism hyperbole thrown around in the health care debate and in the past by conservative writer Michael Gerson. However,

"These lessons [from Nazism] are relevant to politics. But they are trivialized when applied to Obama's health insurance reform plan or the conduct of disorderly town-hall protesters. The burning of the Reichstag and Kristallnacht are not arguments against a single-payer health plan or against the Patriot Act."

Really? Health care reform vs. the Patriot Act? I agree using Nazism to denigrate your political foes is not constructive and even counter-productive, but I believe one of those two being compared is much, much closer to fascism than the other, wouldn't you say?

Check it out the article: Hitler and Health Care