Monday, April 28, 2008

Waaaaaaay Too Quiet...

Gentlemen: As there has been zippo activity - and I don't mean of a lighter fare (sorry, but if things are going to be this quiet, bad puns will happen to fill space) - I pose the following two questions for your consumption, mastication, and regurgitation. Should you accept the challenge, to make this more fun (at least for me as I read your responses), I seek thoughtful responses grounded in objective analysis, not merely personal opinion.

1. I doubt Hillary Clinton spends many nights losing sleep while ruminating on the classic Clash question, "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" However, plenty of prognosticators have done plenty of ruminating on the question for her. I turn it over to you: Should Hillary continue her quest, or should she get out of Barack Obama's way? In either case, what is the impact of her doing so?

2. Is John McCain using well this time of a seemingly never-ending battle between Democrats for the right to compete against him in the general election? What else could/should he be doing to improve his chances in November?


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